Climate Museum FAQ

Thanks for caring 💚🌍
    1. Visitor check-in: The Climate Museum’s check-in system helps to count CO2 “created” by its visitors
    2. Information for visitors: when people come, register them and share how much CO2 was “produced”, how long you will have to wait (look at the order), how long the tour will last (up to an hour), etc.
    3. Help for guides: when the tour passes the first container, go there to clean the boards; when they pass the second container, go there to return the magnets to their initial spot, etc. Or simply ask the guides if/where they need your support
    4. Order in the museum: please help keep order and cleanliness of the museum


  • After reaching the Climate Museum:

    1. write to the volunteer chat on FB that you have arrived at the place
    2. meet the guides, see everything
    3. in front of the first container on the left, you will find a gray box. Take the shirt from there and put it on
    4. in the fourth container near the exit, you will find a white cabinet, take the tablet for registering people from it (PIN: 5555)

    A very important request: let’s maintain order at the registration point, put jackets and backpacks nicely (e.g. on chairs), and don’t drag the beanbags away from the Museum’s yard. You and your registration space make the first impression of the museum, which is very important.


  • To be listed later.

  • Each container cabinet has two buttons:

    • ‘Exhibition ON’ – turns on/off the electricity. When turning it on in the morning, you should keep in mind that the lights turn on more slowly while they warm up, so no worries there;
    • ‘Light Scenario’ – enables/disables special effects.
  • If there are emergencies or something happens about which you have to inform the staff – take a pic/video and send it to the Facebook chat, so that we can see the real thing and react accordingly.

    1. Check the weather forecast before you arrive
    2. Dress warmly/bring a sweater as the museum is outside and does not have a heating system
  • Conteiner keys 🔑 are numbered and match the locks 🔒 with the corresponding numbers.

    The key to the toilet should be stored in the 4th container’s cabinet, next to the exit. You should always lock the cabinet after closing it. 

    The keys are the main concern for the person, who will be opening the containers in the morning and closing them in the evening. All of the keys are stored in the 1st container, the white cabinet next to the exit. When closing the containers in the evening the white cabinets can be left unlocked to save you time.

    Note: be careful not to lock all the keys inside! Remember, someone will need to open the container the next day.

  • Please arrive 15-20 min before the official start of the Climate Museum.

    1. turn on the lights and the scenario effects (in the white container cabinets)
    2. Take the bean bags stacked in containers to the yard (open space or, if it’s raining, under an umbrella)
    3. Place the fence-posts (to control the flow of people and to prevent outsiders from entering the containers not at the start)
  • At the end of the volunteering day, the last remaining volunteers take the fence-posts and the bean bags inside the containers and turn off the lights (in the container cabinets).

  • ⚠️ The exits of the containers are different from entrances, as they do not have the second hole to lock the ramp in. Therefore, you should put a wooden plate underneath, as shown in the picture below.

  • Registration link:

    Why is this important: This helps us calculate the CO2 emissions of every visitor, while also counting the visitors themselves.

    At the end of the museum’s journey, the calculated amount of CO2 will be compensated by planting trees via platform (or similar).

    Important: do not forget to register yourself (and the guides) in the system — we need to know (and compensate) your CO2 emissions too.

  • Conteiner keys 🔑 are numbered and match the locks 🔒 with the corresponding numbers.

    1. Unlock & open the doors (first the right door, then the left) of:
      1. C1 vorre (front)
      2. C1 hinter (back)
      3. C2 front
      4. C2 back
      5. C3 front
      6. C3 back
      7. C4 front
      8. C4 back
    2. Put the doors to the sides of the containers (use the ropes to attach them to little hooks on the sides (📸 see photo below))
    3. Make sure to put the locks on the corresponding doors (i.e. not to mix them up) (recommended: hang the lock on the small hook as shown in the photo below 📸)
    4. Attach the ramps to containers (they have small ‘hooks’, so lifting them up first slightly is required)
    5. Turn on the lights/electricity (find the switch in the closets of the containers)
      1. These closets need to be locked during museum time, so kids don’t reach in and touch electrical stuff
        1. To lock/unlock the closets use the special key on the orange tag, which is hung at the exit of the 4th container (📸 see photo below)
    6. Bring chairs, the ‘fence posts‘, a table, and the wooden ladder outside
    7. Take the broom, fill up the bucket & clean the floors
    8. (If raining) open the umbrellas (use the wooden ladder)
      1. If it’s hard to open, push up the sides of the umbrella a bit
      2. Be careful with the wires, etc.
    Rope to hold the container doors.
    A special key to open / lock the closets of the containers.
    The lock should be hanged here immediately after unlocking the container (this way they will not get mixed up).
  • Sometimes it may stop working. To fix it you can try these steps:

    1. Open the cabinet below the screen (use the master key on an orange string to unlock it – 📷 see photo below)
    2. Turn off the computer by pressing a button on the bottom-right side of the computer
    3. Wait for the website to reload
  • If there is a need, the organisers can issue a statement/paper that you have done the social work hours. In order to get this, you should already have a printed document where you fill in the information (e.g., given by your school). Fill in the hours that you’ve volunteered and it will be signed by the guide.

    • Pin code: 5555
    • Recharging: in the 4th container, the cabinet next to the exit
    • Leaving through the night: in the 4th container, the cabinet next to the exit
  • Find the Climate Museum’s live timetable of reservations here:

    1. (If Open) close the umbrellas (use the wooden ladder)
    2. Bring chairs, the ‘fence poles‘, table, broom, and wooden ladder inside
    3. Turn off the lights/electricity (find the switch in the closets of the containers)
    4. Remove the ramps – lift them up a bit and move back (so that the doors can be closed)
    5. Close the doors:
      1. First the left one
        1. Pull up the rope from a little hook
        2. Move the doors
        3. Use the levers to close them fully (📽️ see video below)
      2. Repeat with the right door
      3. Lock the lock with the corresponding key (📽️ see video below)
  • 🌬️ Important: if the weather is windy (higher than 7 m/s) — umbrellas should be folded!

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